Apollo Bouncers Wanted

Apollo Bouncers Wanted. That’s not ‘wanted’ in the context of any previous misdemeanours that may have been committed at the Apollo (heaven forbid), but ‘wanted’ with respect to the contribution that could be made to this study on the venue.  As you know, the Apollo Bouncers were highly criticised by some of the audience, whose (mostly negative) encounters with the Stewards formed a key part of the ritual of attending the venue.  However, it appears that many of their good deeds they undertook have gone relatively unnoticed, and some of the recent feedback received from Apollo audience members have served to provide a different perspective of this much-maligned employee.  Many speak of the efforts that certain Bouncers made to ensure that they got to meet their favourite artist when they were preforming at the venue.  Others refer to the steps that were taken by other Stewards to secure tickets on their behalf for much sought after concerts.  The charity endeavours carried out by the Bouncers on behalf of a local Children’s Home have also gone unrecorded.  So, perhaps the Apollo Stewards deserve a fair hearing? I’m keen to reflect all types of opinion about the Apollo live experience and this is where you could perhaps contribute.

If you were employed as a Bouncer at the Apollo, then I would be delighted to hear from you. Do you deserve the somewhat negative reputation held by some of the audience, or do people tend to forget that a relatively small number of Stewards had to control three and a half thousand Glaswegians who were intent on having a good time? Similarly, if you had any ‘Bouncer encounters’ (positive or negative) as an audience member, then I would also be very keen to hear from you.  Any contributions to the study will be greatly appreciated. Email me at k.forbes.1@research.gla.ac.uk



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