Tattoo You

We all know that the Apollo left an impression on many of the audience members who attended concerts at the venue. This certainly applies to Gerry Pidgeon, who has a 3 ticket tattoo representing the best gigs he attended at the venue – Rory Gallagher on 28 May 1982 / Rush 26 April 1979 / Peter Gabriel 27 February 1980

The reason why the Rush ticket is so prominently featured? This was a special occasion in that this was the first concert that Gerry took Therese, his new girlfriend, along to. Having travelled from her native Newcastle, Gerry picked Therese up at Queen Street Station and took her along to (where else but) the Burns Howff for a few pre-gig drinks, before going along to see Rush perform at the Apollo. It must have been a perfect evening as Gerry and Therese are still happily married after all these years together. With many thanks to Gerry for these great images …

glasgow apollo tat1apollo tattoo2


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