The Apollo Building

‘We Want ‘U’ In: The Story of a Glasgow Institution’ by Charles Harkins (1995) provides a brief overview of the design and construction process for the original building, including a passing mention about (what would become) the Apollo’s somewhat infamous upper balcony. Space restraints meant that I was unable to explore this aspect of the venue in any great detail. However, assurances were given by several of the Apollo Managers that tests had been carried out on the balcony during the mid-1970s. Apparently, the results deemed this part of the venue to be ‘safe,’ by virtue of the fact that it was ‘meant’ to bounce. However, no trace of any report could be found at either of the two institutions that were thought to have conducted the tests, most notably, the Engineering Department at Paisley College of Technology (now the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland) or the equivalent department at the University of Glasgow. Nevertheless, I did locate the original building plan for the relevant cantilever. This, along with the original booking plan for the stalls, are represented below. Comments and/or observations by any Structural Engineers out there would be appreciated …

cinemaScan 7cinemaScan 0004


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