Goodbye Mr Chips

The recent news that the Mr Chips establishment in Sauchiehall Street is due to close, links back to an earlier post where the connection between this shop and the one located to the right of the Apollo’s main entrance (see image) was highlighted. In a recent interview with Arthur McLeod, the shop’s owner, Arthur was keen to emphasise how much he enjoyed running the venue’s favourite fast food location. (Mr Chips was sub-leased from Unicorn Leisure, then Apollo Leisure. Jan Tomasik, the Apollo’s Manager between 1974-77, mentioned to me that, among the various licences the venue had to have in place, such as a cinema licence and public entertainment licence, the Apollo also had to hold a wet fish licence so that Mr Chips could operate). Prime times for business, said Arthur, included catering for the traditional audience member before and after Apollo gigs. Just as lucrative was feeding the regular queues that waited for tickets overnight at the box office, and for the departing crowds who had been dancing at the venue’s ballroom. We often forget about the range of activities that took place at the Apollo, and these events, such as Mormon conferences and Trade Union rallies, also kept Arthur busy. The sad news that the second incarnation of Mr Chips is set to close will, no doubt, bring back a lot of memories for many Apollo audience members, and I’m sure that they will join me in wishing Arthur all the best in his new venturesglasgowapollo


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