Anything Else?

Apollo fans will know that the most frequent venue-related item that appears on a certain online auction site are ticket stubs, some of which can prove to be illuminating – as an example the opportunity to see any artist at a venue for £1 (Nazareth on 21 October 1973) highlights the great differences that exist between the live concert framework in the year that the Apollo opened and that of 2013. However, one of the most interesting items that appeared over the last few months was this Apollo Centre Whisky decanter (“Blended & Bottled for Unicorn Leisure by Douglas Laing & Co Ld. Glasgow, Scotland”), which, I imagine, was given to artists and/or promoters, and acted as a marketing tool of some description. Overall, it must be quite unique; I haven’t come across anything like this during my research. No, I’m not saying how much I paid for this (Mrs F may be reading this!) If you have any unusual Apollo artefacts that you possess and would like featured on the site, then please send an image and a brief description how you acquired this to 


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